The Official Website for CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 is Now Open!

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Win the ticket to participate in CAPCOM CUP 11, where the champion wins $1 million!

CAPCOM CUP 11 is the official world tournament to determine the world’s best Street Fighter 6 player. Players from all over the world will compete in “CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024” to win the ticket to participate.

CAPCOM CUP 11 championship will win $1 million, the same as last season’s tournament!
CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 will consist of two groups of competitions.

■「CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 World Warrior」

This season World Warrior will feature 24 regions and select Super Regions will also be allocated two qualifying players.

World Warrior features five tournaments and a regional finals per region. First five tournament allows players to earn World Warrior (“WW”) Regional Points based on their tournament performance and Top 8 players for to regional finals.

  • “Region”:The winner of the regional finals (1 Player)
  • “Super Region”:In designated super regions, the player with the highest points across all five regular season tournaments will automatically qualify for CAPCOM CUP 11. The other top eight players with the most points accumulated across three events will secure a spot in the regional final, and a chance to qualify for CAPCOM CUP 11. (2 Players)

※Go check CAPCOM Pro Tour official website for additional information on the program and covered regions

■「CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 Premier」

This year the program will feature eight offline events. Each premier will qualify one player to CAPCOM CUP 11 with select Super Premiers qualifying two players.

  • 「CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 Premier」:The winner of each tournament (1 Player)
  • 「CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 Super Premier」:1st and 2nd player from the tournament (2 Players)

※Go check CAPCOM Pro Tour official website for additional information on the program and details on where and when to register

The official website for CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 season is now open!
Official rules and entry procedures are now available.

■CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 official website

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