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We now have the final results for the Online Premier Event for Brazil, which took place from September 23rd through 24th. SHODOWN|NamikazeExTM went undefeated through the winners side and emerged victorious from Grand Finals to take first place. With this win he has earned a qualifying spot to compete at Capcom Cup X next year. Keoma, who was knocked into the losers bracket during winners semifinal by NamikazeExTM, fought his way to a rematch in Grand Finals finished second place. TPT|StunneR took third place.

The Capcom Pro Tour will return for the Online Premier event for South Africa, which will take place from October 14th through 15th. Now let’s take a look at the full results for top 8.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit the CAPCOM Fighters YouTube channel where you will find a full recording of the broadcast as well as individual match videos.

Brazil Top 8 Results
Placing Handle Characters
1st SHODOWN|NamikazeExTM Dee Jay
2nd Keoma Manon
3rd TPT|StunneR Cammy
4th DMX|RonaldinhoBR Blanka
5th ZydaniFGC Marisa
5th Caio_cfs Dee Jay, Rashid
7th JUNINHO-RAS Luke, Ryu
7th LF|Lendiaviva Luke
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