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This year’s Capcom Pro Tour was the beginning of the Street Fighter 6 era and thousands of players have taken part. With 3 major Offline Premier events, 18 Online Premier events and numerous World Warrior events in regions around the world, it has never been easier to join the excitement. Of those thousands of players only 48 have qualified for the historic finale at Capcom Cup X, with its special prizing of a $2 million prize pool up for grabs. The player who emerged victorious would take home a life-changing $1 million. When the final round was finished it was Taiwan’s UMA who stood victorious, making history by becoming the first Street Fighter pro player to win $1 million.

Due to how the 2023 Capcom Pro Tour season was structured, the 48 players who competed at Capcom Cup X were a mix of legendary top players as well as some less familiar names from regions that usually don’t get much representation. In the top 16 you had fighting game community household names like the Dominican Republic’s BANDITS|MenaRD and Japan’s RB G8S|Gachikun alongside players like Taiwan’s UMA and Korea’s DRX|Leshar, who were not well known before this event. This mix of players made Capcom Cup X unpredictable and very entertaining to watch.

The event began with eight pools with each having six players. The players in each pool were determined randomly by a drawing held before the event. Each pool was a round robin where each player played all the other players in their pool. From each pool only two players would emerge into the top 16 with one starting in winners side and the other in losers side of the bracket.

Every pool was tough, but one pool drew attention for being particularly brutal. Pool F consisted of Capcom Cup Champion MenaRD, EVO 2023 winner NASR|AngryBird from the UAE, prodigy MOUZ|EndingWalker from the UK, BANDITS|Caba from the Dominican Republic, DRX|Leshar from Korea and MADKINGS|NeroTheBoxer from Peru. During the pools stage there were many surprises with players like AngryBird and LCQ winner MOUZ|Problem X not even making it out of pools and MenaRD only making it out on the losers side.

The top 16 was wild with top players falling out early and many stunning matches throughout. With so much prize money for first place and substantial prizes for the other top 8 placements you could almost feel the nervous tension as they played, even amongst the veterans. In the first round of top 16 losers two Capcom Cup Champions were eliminated. Korea’s GUMOUT|NL eliminated former Capcom Cup Champion SR|NuckleDu from the US 3-1 and Japan’s BEAST|Fuudo beat current Capcom Cup Champion BANDITS|MenaRD 3-1.

Another top 16 surprise was the quick elimination of Norway’s 00|Phenom, one of Europe’s top players with no less than five previous Capcom Cup appearances and having finished 3rd at Capcom Cup 2019. In winners quarter-final Hong Kong’s YESPORTS|Chris Wong would beat him with a shocking 3-0 and in losers Canada’s Sayff would eliminate him 3-1.

Making it to top 8 on winners side was Hong Kong’s YESPORTS|Chris Wong, China’s NARAKA x PWS|DCQ, Korea’s DRX|Leshar, and Taiwan’s UMA. Japan’s HITBOX G8S|Kawano, Korea’s GUMOUT|NL, Japan’s RB G8S|Gachikun and Canada’s Sayff made it on losers side.

Kawano would be the first top 8 elimination in a Luke mirror-match against NL 1-3. Gachikun would end Sayff’s impressive run at Capcom Cup 3-0. Leshar was a crowd pleaser in top 16 with his Chun-Li. He won a tough match against Xian on winners side before being beaten 0-3 by UMA in winners semi-final. Gachikun would eliminate him 3-2 in another close match. Leshar is sure to have won himself a lot of fans at Capcom Cup X.

DCQ and his JP had a nice run at the event, beating Gachikun in winners quarter-final 3-1. He would lose to Chris Wong’s Luke in winners semi-final and be eliminated by another Luke in losers as NL beat him in a tense 3-2 match.

Gachikun made it deep into the bracket and had yet another incredible performance with his Rashid. He won the Singapore Offline Premier earlier in the season with Rashid shortly after the character’s addition to the game and here he continued to show what the character was capable of. After being knocked into losers by DCQ he would eliminate Fuudo 3-0, Sayff 3-0, Leshar 3-2 and NL 3-1 before facing Chris Wong in losers final. Gachikun’s win at the Singapore Offline Premier was against Chris Wong in Grand Finals so this was a runback. It was a very back-and-forth match but Chris Wong would have a strong final game and eliminate Gachikun 3-2.

This was a breakout season for Chris Wong and he put himself in the top echelon of Street Fighter 6 players. He took second place at the Singapore Offline Premier in October and just two weeks later took first place at the France Offline Premier in early November. Here he would make it all the way to Grand Finals and finish in 2nd place.

Chris Wong took his first loss in winners final when he had his first faceoff against UMA. This was a thrilling match that would go to the last round of the last game. In the very last round, with both players were on low health, UMA weathered a Chris Wong assault with amazing defense until he landed a perfect parry to go into Juri’s Feng Shui Engine. UMA went on offense while Chris Wong was in burnout, managed to crack through his defenses and finished him off with chip. UMA would win 3-2.

Chris Wong’s victory against Gachikun in Losers Final set up a runback in Grand Finals against UMA. Chris Wong, because he came in from losers side, had to win two sets to be the victor. With $1 million at stake nerves were almost certainly a factor in a Grand Finals that swung in one players’ favor then to the other. Chris Wong won the first set quickly 3-0 to pull UMA into the losers bracket for one final set to decide it all. In the second set there was a complete reversal of fortunes as UMA won 3-0 to become Capcom Cup X Champion.

UMA, who earned a spot at Capcom Cup X by winning the Asia East World Warrior Finals, was incredible and won what might have been the highest-pressure event in history due to the $1 million prize at stake. Even more impressive is that he did it with Juri, taking out arguably the world’s best Luke player in Chris Wong in winners finals and again in Grand Finals. Congratulations to UMA, winner of the first Capcom Cup for Street Fighter 6 and the first $1 million prize in fighting games.

Next year CAPCOM CUP will come back with again first place 1 million dollar so stay tuned for more information!

Capcom Cup X Top 16 Results
Placing Handle Characters
1st UMA Juri
2nd Chris Wong Luke
3rd RB G8S|Gachikun Rashid
4th GUMOUT|NL Luke
5th DRX|Leshar Chun-Li
7th HITBOX|Kawano Luke
7th Sayff Ken
9th 00|Phenom Ken
9th BEAST|Fuudo Dee Jay
9th GG|Xian Dee Jay
13th Dual Kevin Luke, Rashid
13th Nephew Juri
13th SR|NuckleDu Guile, Cammy
13th BANDITS|MenaRD Luke, Blanka, JP
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