Pro Tour 2023

Join the greatest Street Fighter 6 players in the world
as they battle for a spot in the world finals at Capcom Cup X.
Players will gather from around the world
for Capcom Pro Tour 2023
and battle it out to qualify for a spot at the Capcom Cup.

Special Street Fighter 6 Launch Prizing
The largest prize pool in the history of Capcom Pro Tour!

The grand prize for
Capcom Cup X will be $1 million
with the overall prize pool being
more than $2 million

The tournament will be streamed live on
the CAPCOM Fighters channel on YouTube and Twitch!

2023 Tournament Composition

The best 48 players,
including the winners of each tournament,
will earn a spot at CAPCOM CUP X!

Online 1v1 tournaments held in 18 regions worldwide.
The winners of these regional tournaments will all earn a spot at Capcom Cup X.
Three offline 1v1 tournaments, including the EVO Championship Series.
The winners of these tournaments will all earn a spot at Capcom Cup X.
Five open tournaments will be held in each region where players can earn points for participating.
The five regional events will culminate at a regional final featuring the top eight players from the local leaderboard.
The winners of these regional finals will all earn a spot at Capcom Cup X.
Last Chance Qualifier
Offline 1v1 tournament held just before Capcom Cup X.
The winner of this tournament will earn the last spot at Capcom Cup X.

2023 Tournament Join Method

Register for each tournament at start.gg.

CAPCOM Pro Tour 2023 welcomes new entrants from around the globe.
Players can utilize the Modern Control Type control scheme newly added for Street Fighter 6!

Don't hesitate to join in!

  • Street Fighter 6

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players must link their CAPCOM ID with their platform's account.

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